Breastfeeding Tips

Tips for Breastfeeding After a C-section from a Mama Who’s Been There Twice.

When I got prego I was over the moon. I always had known I wanted to be a mom. I never envisioned major surgery being the way my babies would enter the world. So here I am 33, mom of two superb milky babes that came into the world butt first through my tummy.

Breastfeeding Basics Newborns

A Visual Guide To How Much Newborns Breastfeed.

Leading up to the birth of your baby you might be wondering what you’re getting yourself into. I remember wanting to get mentally prepared. Especially for that first month when their tummies are so tiny and they will be eating frequently. Everyone hears horror stories of sleepless nights with hungry newborns. It’s so cliche but …

Breastfeeding Basics Newborns

The Best Breastfeeding Positions, Ranked!

Today we will be looking at all the different ways to feed your milk monster! There are many different positions you can utilize when feeding your baby. In real life you will realize that its not always like the diagram and that’s OK. What matters is you and your baby are comfortable. Different positions have …