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12 Amazingly Useful Breastfeeding Baby Books to Read to your Little Ones

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Reading breastfeeding baby books can be useful throughout your nursing journeys. Today we have 12 breastfeeding baby books for the nursing mom to read to their nurslings. Reading breastfeeding related books is great for young babes and beyond.

Reading to your child is great for language development. My kiddo is a typical toddler and loves reading. Toddlers often want to reread favorites over and over. Repetition is great for learning language skills, but by adding new books it keeps things fresh for mom and exciting for your kiddo.

Reading books that include breastfeeding can help your older child get ready for new siblings arrival. As well as a fantastic way to make your toddler feel included when you are nursing their new sibling. Why not add books that incorporate breastfeeding!

If you are nearing weaning there are lovely books for that too! This would be a great way to gently help wean your child by introducing the idea first.

I put together a list of books that range from the arrival of baby to the closing of your breastfeeding adventure. Included at the end are some adorable nursing animal books. Enjoy reading with your mini-yous!!!

Let’s jump in…

Welcoming Babies

Welcoming Babies is a beautiful book about family love from all around the world. This one not only normalizes breastfeeding but is a wonderful learning experience. It even has extra facts and details at the end. This book celebrates all types of families! We all experience the joy of introducing a new baby into our family.

Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother

Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother is an adorable, straight forward book to introduce breastfeeding to an older sibling. Perfect for the mama to be to read to big brother or sister. This colorful book to a great tool to give them an idea for what mamas going to be up to when the baby is born.

What Does Baby Want

What Does Baby Want is a popular and fun little book. Get your kiddo giggling with its cute, round design. Another great option to get ready for baby or to read to your older nursling.

Best Milk

Best Milk is special in that it was written by a lactation consultant and delivery nurse. It covers day to day milky life and what to expect. This one is thorough but easy to understand. Perfect for older siblings. There is even a page on pumping. How fabulous is that?

Eat Baby, Healthy

Eat Baby, Healthy is a sweet, watercolor book written by a pediatrician. Explore the benefits of breastfeeding through the baby’s point of view. This gentle and calming book is a great addition to your home library.

Mama’s Milkies

Mama’s Milkies is a perfect book for an older nursling. This beautifully illustrated story takes you through the day in the life of a breastfeeding toddler. The child is drawn gender neutral which is a bonus.

Loving Comfort: A Toddler Weaning Story

Loving Comfort is a great book to help wean a strong-willed toddler. This book addresses all the big emotions that come with weaning.

Nursies When the Sun Shines: A little book on night weaning

Nursies When the Sun Shines has gorgeous illustrations and an is a perfect tool to night wean. This book features a co-sleeping mama, toddler, and daddy. With it’s beautiful rhyming its a favorite for many.

A Time to Wean

A time to Wean makes use of repetition and has charming illustrations. It is a nice intro to weaning and a departure from other weaning books.. Give it a read and see which animal is y’all favorite.

We Like To Nurse

We Like To Nurse has clean illustrations with bold colors. Perfect for your little one to follow along as you read. This one’s perfect for younger babies but would be fine for toddlers too.

Mama’s Milk / MamΓ‘ me alimenta

Mama’s Milk has the most charming illustrations, each page switches back between animal families and human families. A sweet addition to your kids library.

Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me!

Who Drinks Like Me is an adorable look at many different animals nursing. This one looks at weaning as a personal choice. It’s a wonderful book to kick off gentle weaning.

I hope you found some lovely books to add to your child’s book collection! Reading to your child is the gift that keeps on giving. Strengthening your bond by spending quality time reading their favorite books. I hope you have found future new favorites!

Till next time, Happy Nursing!

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