Welcome to Breastfeed or Bust!

My name is Suzanne. I’m the creator of this milky corner of the internet.

Have you ever had an idea you just had to share with the world? Well, that’s how Breastfeed or Bust came to be. I have a strong desire to help other mamas like myself. I just had to share all my tips and tricks. So I set out to build a site that had fresh advice for nursing moms and moms of toddlers.Β 

I have two beautiful children who inspire me every day. I breastfed my first born for a year and a half. My daughter is a year old and still going!

Fun Fact: Halloween is my favorite!

I have learned so much through my kids, nurses/professionals, and other mamas including my own.

The art of breastfeeding used to be passed down from family and midwives. We live in a crazy techno world now. With so much knowledge at our fingertips can be overwhelming.

Let me break it down for you without over-complicating it or boring you to death.

Breastfeeding is not always easy, but it can be fun too!

Watching your little one grow from just your milk is incredible! What a wonderful way to bond with your sugar plum. A perfect way to make them feel safe after only knowing being inside your tummy.

Stick around for awesome breastfeeding content!

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