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Self-care and Breastfeeding: 8 Super Relaxing Ways to Unwind While Nursing.

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How are you supposed practice self-care when you’re a breastfeeding mom?

It might seem impossible at times. Whether you are breastfeeding, combo feeding, or exclusively pumping, it is a serious time commitment. It can be a very draining part of motherhood, no pun intended! Often mothers will let their meal get cold or not shower to be on top of feeds.

As moms, we are quick to put others before ourselves. Babies can be insatiable and it doesn’t get better with age. Sometimes you’re just stuck on the couch for a long feed or you feel like you have sat down to nurse for the 50th time that day. So what are some things you can incorporate into breastfeeding mom life to keep you sane & happy?!

Self-care is so important for moms! We have a lot on our plates. That’s why I believe in the small things. It’s the little things that can pick up our spirits.

Well, I have put together a list of simple but effective self-care ideas for you. All of these you can do while you’re breastfeeding or incorporate them into other parts of your day! Let’s jump in!

#1. Get Outside

Not much can compete with good old sunshine and a cool breeze on your skin. Beach, park, or your backyard. Getting out of the house is good for everyone.

Vitamin D is “the sunshine vitamin”! Just 10-15 minutes 3 times a week will give you the recommended amount of sun exposure. This vitamin will help fight disease, aid with weight loss, and can help tackle depression. You can read more about Vitamin D HERE.

#2. Have a Special Treat

I’m talking a special coffee, milkshake, ice cream bar, your favorite candy. Anything you can eat/drink easily with one hand that you love.

Sorry, I’m a bad influence! I just love me some sugar! Don’t worry, I balance out the occasional sweets with nutritious food. And you should too. Coffee is my favorite self-love treat without a doubt. When I sit down for a nursing session with a yummy drink I just feel special.

#3. Take a bath with baby.

Lots of moms incorporate a bath into their baby’s bedtime line up. Get in too! Babies love to breastfeeding during tub time. They can’t help themselves!

You can’t beat a warm bath as far relaxing goes. Bring in a hand towel to drape over baby’s back or any of your parts that might be sticking out of the water getting cold.

You could add a few ounces of your milk to the bath for some skin softening and healing. An oatmeal bath is a perfect option for mommy and baby.

Yet lavender bubbles from honest have to be my favorite. It smells divine! Dried flowers are a fabulous option too.

#4. Audible, Podcast, or Music

Closing your eyes for a few minutes and having a listen to something relaxing is a great way to chill. Music or your favorite podcast is a great option. Although Audible is my favorite for relaxing. There are thousands of titles, so there is something for everyone.

What I love to do is set the volume low on my phone and close your eyes for a superbly relaxing experience. I do this while I’m nursing but I also like to listen when I’m cleaning around the house. The Harry Potter series is my ultimate favorite. It truly relaxes me. Jim Dale, the narrator for the series, has a magically relaxing voice. Takes me away from any problems or frustrations I might be having. The best part is you can try it for free!

#5. Face or Hair Mask

I enjoy a good face mask to freshen’ up my skin and feel a little pampered once in a while. It’s a total classic. Make sure it’s a moisturizing mask as you don’t know how long you might be stuck under your baby. You could also put a towel behind your head and also do a hair mask. There are loads of homemade masks for skin and hair. Or you can always grab a premade one.

#6. Meditation and Affirmations

Meditation can be a great stress reliever. You can meditate be simply being mindful of your breathing. Focusing on a calming sound can be lovely too. There are lots of white noise and nature sounds on youtube you can check out.

Saying affirmations can be a powerful tool as well. Here are some boobie affirmations for you!

#7. Massager for your head, neck or feet!

There are loads of massagers on the market that are perfect for sitting, which means they are perfect for a mama who’s stuck under a baby.

The benefits of massage aren’t just relaxation. Some of the extra perks include increased blood flow, improved sleep, reduction of pain, spasms, and stiffness of muscles.

A small handheld massager could also aid with a clogged duct! Just handy to have around. I also included a hairbrush in the line up because scalp massage is so lovely. Seriously go grab a brush and let your mom bun down.

#8. Rest or nap by using the side-lying position

Sleep!!! You are going to lose plenty as a parent. Get some Zzzs back by nursing on your side. Side-laying is a flat out game changer.

It’s important to practice safe bed sharing when snoozing with your cutie. Just keep baby in”the nook” between your arm and legs. Here’s a link to everything you need to know about bed sharing.

Once you feel comfortable with this nursing position, you are gonna get some rest! Woohoo! The ultimate mom self-care! Sleep!


It’s hard to take care of one’s self when taking care of a tiny human. The least we can do is treat our selves to a little this and that through our week. Remember mama, you are amazing! You are giving it your all and you deserve the beautiful simple things in life. A little sweet treat, a warm bath, or a nice nap with your love bug. You DESERVE it!

Till next time, happy nursing!

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