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The Best Breastfeeding Positions, Ranked!

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Today we will be looking at all the different ways to feed your milk monster!

There are many different positions you can utilize when feeding your baby. In real life you will realize that its not always like the diagram and that’s OK. What matters is you and your baby are comfortable.

Different positions have different perks!

It’s important to remember that you have options! By switching up positions it could help with anything from baby’s gas to your lack of sleep.

I thought it would be fun to rank them all!

When choosing the rankings I took into consideration a few things:

  • How practical it is?
  • Can you get rest or sleep?!
  • How often might you utilize it?
  • Is it helpful in a particular way?
  • Last but not least, I took into account my own experience breastfeeding for 3 years, as well as what my milky mom friends had to say.

Now is a good time to mention that what works for me, won’t necessarily work for another. I put this list together to help new mamas figure out what will work for them.

I wanted to keep the β€œhow to” part simple. There is loads of detailed instructions out there. We are keeping it light and fun today.

Here’s my list of best breastfeeding positions:

#1 Side-Lying

Boy, do I love this one. It’s at the top for good reason. Many, many moms LOVE this position. You can get not just rest but straight up sleep. Golden, sleepy cuddle time with your love bug.

This is also a sweet opportunity to sneak away after they fall into deep sleep. It’s easier because you don’t have put them down!

Remember to put a video monitor on them or/and have a partner watch them.

I wish I mastered this one sooner!

Here’s the basic how to:

Lay on your side with baby’s head under your arm. You’ll want to lean back slightly with some blanket or pillow tucked behind you. The trick is to get your nipple at the level of baby’s mouth.


Wearing a thin, fitted shirt is perfect for this position. Especially if you’re planning to snooze. You don’t want loose material blocking baby’s nose.

#2 Classic Cradle

This one is the most common positions. Definitely the most practical and most utilized. It’s a comfortable go to. Your basic b*tch if you will.

It is knocked out of number one purely because you can’t sleep great sitting up. You should not be sleeping on the couch with your nugget anyway.

The cradle feels very natural to me. When you hold your babe at chest level they will want to latch if they are hungry.

Here’s how to go about it:

Hold baby in the crook of your arm so that baby is feeding on the side that you are holding babes head.


The position itself is simple so its more the latch that you will need to concentrate on. At least in the beginning.

#3 Reclining

This one is super neat as it is backed by science. When you are reclined you get those happy endorphins going. Pressure on baby’s body will encourage them to latch.

This one has some flexibility which I’m a huge fan of. More options means you’ll be able to find perfect breastfeeding position for you.

This ones good for reflux as well as just being plain restful.

Your how to:

Get comfy and reclined. Pick an angle that works for you. Try different ones if necessary. Put babe on belly. Let them rest their cheek on your bare chest. Then let baby latch naturally.


Letting baby latch on their own is cool but don’t let them go crazy and tear you up! Help guide them so you and your mini you make it work together.

#4 Football or Clutch

This one is another great to have your arsenal. Many women love this one! It’s great for busty gals. Helps with reflux and gas because baby is upright!

This one gave a good fight for the #3 spot. The clutch just takes a bit more work as both you and baby are more upright.

How to give it a go:

Start by sitting baby upright next to you facing in the opposite direction. Tuck baby close under your arm. Place your hand behind baby’s neck to help guide them to the goods.


if you get sore from over using the cradle position, you can give your boob a break by changing to football.

#5 Cross Cradle

This bad boy lands at the bottom of our list  but it’s a good starter position.

When you and baby are learning how to breastfeed it will help to have control.

Its also called a “transitional” position which makes total sense. The cross cradle is prefect for latching and then switching to regular cradle. So Latch and then you can place baby’s head where is comfortable on your arm.

When I was learning the ins-and-outs of nursing I used this one to perfect getting my sweet pea latched.

How to:

Hold baby across body using your arm to support baby’s back all the way up to your hand which will be holding babes neck.


Use your free hand to manipulate your boob so that you can help your baby latch.

Flat on back or Supine

Both my two kiddos enjoy this one as do I. I had never seen this one but found the name later. It is similar to laid back nursing but you’re all the way flat minus a regular pillow for your head.

I came to use this in between side lying when I was switching sides. I love side lying but if you don’t get the pillows and blankets right it can cause leg and/or back pain.

If you’re lazy(like me in the middle of the night)when adjusting your pillow and blanket when you switch sides you might wake up aching.

This will also just give you a break from lying on your side.

How to try out this less known one:

You guessed it, lay flat on your back. Then place baby across your chest. Let babe naturally latch on similar to the reclined method.

The top of baby’s head can rest on your arm or a bit of blanket if you prefer.


Great for a mama with strong letdown. Let’s your little one have some control. Use gravity to your advantage.

A few additional tips to make all these positions work for you:

  • Use different pillows and BLANKETS to help you adjust and get support where you need it. I’m a huge fan of using a blanket when you nurse. I have a whole post devoted to it.
  • Don’t get discouraged if a position if not working for you. It’s just not you and your baby’s jam. And that’s OK. Find one or two you love and rock it!
  • You’ll be surprised how much they will move around while they nurse. Especially as they get older. Don’t worry as long as to can see their nostrils and you are comfortable.

No matter what positions you try as long as you stick with it it will totally get easier! You can do it mama!

What breastfeeding position is your number #1? I’d love here from you!

Hope you enjoyed this fun, not so serious look at all the different ways to feed your milk gremlin! πŸ–€

Till next time, happy nursing!

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