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How to use a blanket instead of a nursing pillow when feeding your baby.

As a new mom who is planning to breastfeed, you will get told to get all kinds of goodies to help you along your nursing adventures. A nursing pillow is one of the first things they will tell you is a must.

The “Bobby” and “My Breast friend” are often on breastfeeding essentials lists. A nursing pillow is a large pillow that wraps around your waist. It can help support your sweet pea while they chow down.

I did use it in the beginning and it has been helpful through both my kids baby phases. Although it is not what I came to LOVE using every time I nursed my two littles over the last 3 years….

A Blanket!

Fancy that! A blanket instead of a pillow.

Why is a blanket better?

Our precious bundles of joy grow like little weeds. They won’t need to be lifted up as high to get to the goods for long.

Nursing pillows are OK for when they are newborns. I’ve heard tiny babies can sink into the crack between you and the pillow. Alternatively, they are helpful to assist your baby when they are learning to sit up, as well as tummy time. So while the Boppy is nice to have around, I will always need β€œmy nursing blanket”.

It’s important to have some support while holding your nursling for feeds. Milk sessions can be long. You want to be as comfortable as your mini you. Especially when they start cluster feeding.

Leaving a blanket over the back of your couch or chair is was better than having a bulky pillow, taking up lots of space. Speaking of size, pillows only come in one size. Blankets are so much more flexible.

Even though the Boppy has a washable cover, the pillow will still need cleaning. Blankets wash up nicely for when your drool-machine spits up. And I know you got a spare ready to go in the closet.

So how can you use a blanket when you nurse?

Sit in a comfy chair with your blanket in your lap. Preferably with your feet elevated. I prefer to sit on our recliner couch when I nurse. Go ahead and latch your sweetie in the classic cradle or cross-cradle position.

Now gather up some blanket, lift up babies head gently and place some blanket under your arm and/or baby’s head. Then I do the same thing with babies feet/leg area and a little in the middle.

So basically you’re propping up with the blanket in a way where you can adjust everything! This method works with most nursing positions. Just place bundles of the blanket where you need support. This includes hands-free nursing! You can’t beat that!

Here I am using this method. As you can see the blankets doing all the work. It looks like she’s at a curve but she is actually straight and comfortable.

Nursing Blanket for the Win!

The beauty of using a blanket is you most likely have more than one in your home already. Having rugrats can be expensive. If you want to save money, skip the nursing pillow and use your current favorite blanket instead. Better yet you could treat yourself to a fancy or special blanket.

Blankets come in all kinds of colors, patterns and price ranges. Perfect for all nursing mothers. Cozy for babies everywhere!

You could set yourself apart at the next baby shower you attend. Get her a luxuriously soft blanket. You could even monogram or personalize it in some way if it’s double-sided(way less fuzzy on one side). Your friend will thank you!

So what type of blanket do I prefer and what works the best?

Team fluffy blanket all the way! A thinner blanket won’t work as well. As you will be shoving more and more blankets without any lift.

You will want one that isn’t too small in size. It’s good for it to be big enough to cover you and your little ones legs. I have to admit I wish my precious purple blanket was a tad longer. It is a standard throw blanket.

Remember lots of different blankets could work in a pinch!

Which is nice for visiting family too. It’s great for discreet feeding. Take some extra blanket near the top of baby’s head and pull some up. It makes a little wall for privacy!

A quick disclaimer:  

You are going to be so cozy wrapped up with your favorite little person, but it is not safe to fall asleep with baby on the couch. Do NOT do it. Get Netflix going and catch up on your favorite shows. You deserve it, mama!

Also, it can get a bit warm using a fluffy blanket. Perfect when you’re cold-blooded like me. If you run hot to go with a less thick blanket. An overhead fan never hurt either, just to keep cool air flowing. If your babies get sweaty easy (like mine) put a burp cloth in between their head and your arm.

In conclusion…

Utilizing a blanket is something simple you might not have thought of. Nursing takes a lot of your time up. Especially in the beginning when they are nursing more often. You’re going to be trying to figure out what works for you. Use every tool you have!

You’re going to want to be comfortable.

If this helps even a few people, I would be at static. This isn’t just about a blanket. It’s about having a phenomenal breastfeeding journey! Feeling confident. Making different feeding positions work for you.

Nursing Blankets!!! Let’s make it a thing, mamas!!!

Now on to another idea.

I must say a blanket/pillow hybrid gets me excited! The pillow part would be small and long. That way you would just roll up the pillow part to make it bigger. It would also need to be a fluffy material that is also more breathable. Haha Maybe in my best dreams.

What do you ladies think? Would you be interested in a product like that for nursing? Do any other mamas love using a particular blanket when it’s boobie time? Let me know down in the comments below.

Till next time, happy nursing!

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  1. I love this! This is such a good idea! So much money goes into little ones so ideas where you can save money and use things you already have are great! And thats a great picture of you and your little one! I love your hair =) thank you so much for sharing this idea!

    1. breastfeedorbust says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment! You need a lot less then what they make it out to be. I like to consider lots of baby items upgrades! Thank you! I always go back to purple. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

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